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Edgerton Yagyu Club

The Edgerton Yagyu Club trains on the second floor of the Tri-County Community Center at the Edgerton Family Martial Arts facility.

The traditional martial art of Yagyu traces its roots back to the Edo period of Japanese history over 300 years ago. We guarantee that this martial art is like nothing you’ve encountered before in the United States.

Simply translated, Yagyu Ryu is “The way of never losing.” It is the style the Samurai mastered to control fear and establish a sureness of self. Practitioners will learn mental fortitude, movement and self defense utilizing the traditional tools of the Samurai: sword, open hand, bo, spear, knife and rope skills and the practices are absolutely addicting!

  • Yagyu Training

No experience is necessary to start and training is for anyone ages 9 to 90.

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For information regarding the club and a training schedule, please call Edgerton Family Martial Arts at (608) 561-2232.


Sensei Jack Hathway

After graduation from High School in Wisconsin, Sensei Jack Hathway travelled to Japan to continue his studies for a semester abroad. While there, he fell in love with the culture, a new martial art, and a lucky girl! After spending over 12 years in Japan, in 2015 Jack returned to the US with his wife and three children to be closer to his family. Jack has a shodan in Yagyu Ryu and is the only sanctioned instructor of the martial art outside of Japan.

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We have programs for martial arts students of all ages. Whether you’re interested in enrolling a child, taking classes yourself, or signing on as a “black belt family,” Kyuki-Do Martial Arts of Edgerton develops more than just physical fitness… we build the skills and confidence that lead to achievement in all areas of life.

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Private lessons are also available to all students of Edgerton Martial Arts.

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