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Programs are available Monday thru Friday. Classes are available for all age ranges and skill levels. View the class schedule.

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Lion’s Den Tae Kwon Do

We’re Lion’s Den Fitness & Martial Arts, and we’ve been a martial arts school here in Edgerton, WI, since 2021. We offer programs for children to seniors for taekwondo, self-defense, yoga, and fitness classes. We’ve been family-owned for 3 generations, and we believe in helping our students develop self-confidence and learn lifelong skills. We’re looking forward to partnering with Janesville, Milton, and Stoughton consumers to continue to offer a premier martial arts education experience. 
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Judo – Ages 6 and up, Teens and Adults

A modern grappling sport of unarmed combat that uses leverage to unbalance an opponent and take them to the ground. Students learn to throw and then pin or submit their partner once on the ground. Judo is practiced worldwide and is an Olympic sport. The club is very active in local, regional and national competitions. Although participation in competition is not required, it is encouraged.
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Kendo – Teens and Adults

Kendo literally translates to “sword way”. It is both a sport and a traditional martial art originating in Japan, which uses bamboo swords and protective armor. The club, sanctioned by the ALL US Kendo Federation, does provide students the opportunity to participate in both local and regional seminars and tournaments.
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Aikido – Teens and Adults

A modern form of self-defense that uses locks, holds and throws. The guiding philosophy is of working with another’s force, not against it. Aikido is noncompetitive and works well for people of all sizes as it does not rely on strength to overcome an opponent.
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